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Solar Power

Wheather you just need some lights in your shed, or to be able to have some electricity when the power is out, we can keep you charged up in the worst of times. Solar is so much more afforable these days! Also, todays batteries are far beyond what they were just a few years ago.



Technology has made having solar power fun and easy. A few panels, charge controller, batteries, and an inverter, and you are ready to get through the times the power is off. Power your shed without trenching wires, or if you just want to start saving money off your electric bills. Start small, then add on as you need it. Get the most out of your system and enjoy the benifits of solar power!


What Kind Of System Do You Need?

You can have a small system to use each day and have as a back up when the power is out. A smaller system just to have lights on in a shed or work shop. Or a bigger system to run your house or cabin that runs everything. You would be surprised at how much the price of solar has come down, and with the awesome battery technology we have today, and low current LED lights and TV's, solar goes a long long way!

I personally built a small 3 panel (100 watts each) system just over 10 years ago. I have 4, 6 volt golfcart batteries, to make it 12 volt, 200 amps. Hooked to my system is:

My livingroom TV, bedroom TV, basement lights, 2 garage door openers, my cable modem, router, and Internet phone system, an outlet in the living room for lights, and to a charging station (to charge our phones, tablets, flashlight and such).

Although the cost was more back then for some of the items, the cost to have a system like this is around $1,500 for the material. 3 panels, 4 batteries (although batteries are better and of a different kind these days, I would go with something else besides golfcart batteries), a charge controller and a 500 Watt inverter. I have been using my system everyday for over 10 years now, and never had one problem.

I didn't build this system to save money on my electric bill or to get some government tax credit. I did it so when my power was out, I would still be able to have something to work with. I "could" plug in my refrigerator and freezer if "needed" to. When the power is out, the system is worth a whole lot more than you could put a price on.

And the best part about it, if there is no sun out (from rain, snow or just a total overcast day) my system will run for an easy 4 1/2 to 5 days. When the first sunny day comes along, I'm all charged up that same day and it keeps going!

Call us today, and tell us what you are looking for in a system. We can help you with years of trouble free power!