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We do EVERYTHING this web site has to offer. Except for alarm systems!
Most people would rather have a camera system these days anyway.

We are DONE with it. Personally, I have been installing alarm systems since I was out of high school, (over 40 years ago), and loved doing it. But now, the equipment has gotten so bad, I hate what the security industry has become.

Since COVID, between companies merging, skipping on quality, making junk parts, putting stuff on the market that wasn't ready to sell, and dropping their warranties on brand new equipment, we are dumping this part of the business.

We have lost thousands of dollars replacing equipment that doesn't hold up, breaks down, burns out, falls apart, or doesn't work properly. It's not the customers fault, so we take care of it, at a huge loss on our end. We can only do that for so long before it really starts to cost YOU the customer. Now it has!

We are going to maintain all the alarm equipment we have installed for our customers, and most of that was made years ago, and will probably work forever with no problem, but the new crap that is out now, it can sit in their warehouse and collect dust. Everything else that we have been doing all these years we will still be doing, (cameras, network wiring, central vac, & all the rest) because those products work very well and are worth supporting.

I never thought we would see the day this would come about, but it's a different world out there today.