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Driveway Alarms

Once you get a driveway alarm, you can't live without it! The nice thing about these, wired or wireless, driveway alarms, is that they only go off when something metal passes by them. (like a car, or someone with keys or change in their pockets) No false alarm from deer, wind or rain. When you get a package on your porch, or someone is coming in your driveway in the middle of the night, you will know it.

Driveway Driveway

The wireless systems have really improved over the last few years. Range on these are about 1,000' (when puck is buried) and up to 2,400' (above ground such as mounted to a tree) with good line of site. We have installed a lot of the wired systems, that can go as much as 3,000', but the line needs to be burried. Always easy to do when building a house, since usually, there is a ditch open for utilities, or like in most cases, we have just burried the line digging a trench or sometimes using a ditch witch. It only has to go down a few inches in the ground and the wire is water proof. Since they came out with this new wireless system, I'm really impressed with it. This would be a cheaper way to go than the wired route at this point.

Either way, it's hard to live without these once you are use to having it. Also as of March 2024 they are suppose to have a multiple tone system, if you need more than one wireless puck, for multiple entrances, you will hear a different tone for each entrance.