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Camera Systems

Camera systems have come a long way in just over the last few years. Incredible picture quality, years and years of trouble free service and prices have really dropped from years ago. Although with todays shortages and shipping issues, it has bumped them up a bit, but still a great value for the money. I personally have used Bolide camera equipment on my own home and loads of homes and businesses here in the Panhandle, for over 14 years, and the system is always up and running.




These dome cameras can be set to view in 5MP or 1080P. Great night vision up to 90 feet, and are available in either white or bronze. Hard wired for solid mounting and viewing. We have been using these for years and they have been a trouble free workhorse. Awesome cameras!


These NVR's, (Network Video Recorder) come in 4, 8, or 16 channels, they can hold up to a 16 TB hard drive, and the 16 channel systems can take 2 hard drives in their housing. Read Camera & DVR / NVR Info page for system specs and user info. Lots of great features and easy to view on your phone.

This is the back of the DVR/NVR, with hook-ups for VGA and, HDMI monitors. Network connection for remote viewing, audio inputs to record from microphones as well. These systems are not much bigger than a DVD player but loaded with all the goodies to have a system the way you like it.
These systems can hook to your Internet connection so you can view them remotely where ever you are. From your smart phone, tablet, laptop, or desk top PC, you can see and hear all your cameras "live". You can also go back and view recordings from later dates and times, from any device. No monthly fee either!

Below are a few pictures that show the difference between camera resolutions and camera views. For years a 1080P camera was the standard, much like your HD satellite TV picture, but now everything has gone off the charts. 5MP (megapixel), 8MP, 4K, 10MP, 8K, and going up. As an example, if you have an iphone 11, it takes pictures at 12MP!

Do you need 5MP or 4K video and up? Well, the picture quality is awesome, and if you have a business that really needs to "zoom in" to get details when something goes wrong, then you probably do. On the other hand, if your a home owner and just need some cameras to watch your shed, vehicles, & packages on your porch, then 1080P is more than enough, 5MP if you just like something better. Although the 5MP IP camera systems are pretty much a standard these days.

But also remember, if your over 50 like me, your eyes are probably heading down the dusty trail. If they shot a video with a lazer that made it so clear you would cut yourself walking within 10 feet of it, our eyes probably wouldn't see much difference from last years video. If you want a good camera system, we can spend every penny you got, but giving you what you need, is probably a lot cheaper than selling you the best system money can buy.

Green Line

Huge difference between the 2MP 1080P and the 5MP picture.

Ok, now to be truthfull about it, we have over 140, 1080P systems installed. When you have a 2MP camera looking at your porch or down the side of your house, which would be a much closer view, it doesn't look as "grainy" as you think, especially when looking at a full screen. Although when I did fire up a 5MP camera for the first time, I was a bit taken back at the clarity. If counting how many blades of grass are in your flower bed is important, then 5MP is for you!

Green Line

Viewing distance of a 2.8mm, 4mm, 6mm, & 12mm camera lens.

Although not the sharpest pictures, (I just pulled this one off google for an example) but this shows you the viewing distance between the differnet type of camera lenses. Most of our cameras come with 3.6mm lens, just shy of the 4mm you see here. We also have cameras that have adjustable lenses from the 2.8mm - 12mm, so we can set them to the best view you would like to see.

Brown Line

Something To Think About

These days with all the Chinese junk out there, you really need to do your research when buying a camera system. The fact is that 99.9 percent of ALL cameras are made in China! DVR's & NVR's are no different. There is garbage equipment and some good quality stuff, if the company you buy from really keeps a watch on the quality of their product. We have stuck with Bolide for over 14 years now, because we haven't even once had a problem with their equipment. We also talk with them at least once a month about equipment, cost, changes, & new items. They stay on top of everything they do, and that makes our customers happy, since they have some great equipment.

Because Bolide backs up their products 100% with us, we do that with all our customers as well. If there is ever a problem with a camera or recorder, we just swap it out for a new one, no playing games hoping "that should do it". We don't want to put in equipment that might have problems. That would just cost us a bunch of time, and money. It also makes you an unhappy customer. We go with the good stuff!