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Office Network

Wheather your office is in your home, or that building I drive by everytime I'm in town, we can take care of all your wiring needs. If you just need to add a network jack for a new computer or install that new router for your VoIP phone system, we can keep those wires hidden and make sure you have a tight connection, that keeps you working trouble free.

Cat5 Phone TV Satellite Modem Router


Computer Network, Phone, Fax, TV / Satellite / Cable Modem, Router & Internet Setup.


If you need network wiring and jacks for your computer network system, phone system, and even if you still need a fax line these days, we can get you hooked up. Need coax lines for your cable modem or satellite TV, Cat-5 wires run for your router, printer or VoIP system, just pick the spot and it will be ready to hook up.


Today with everything being wireless, most people think that's good enough. Having your equipment "hard wired" is more secure, faster and trouble free. We can also plan, and set up your network, review some modems and routers to save you money on those monthly fees, and give you more control over your Internet and network system.


Now there is nothing wrong with wireless and it has it's place, we use it ourselves. Wireless routers today are super fast, can handle loads of traffic and can be very secure. But sometimes, there are just some devices that need to be hard wired, or even just work better, Ooma, extenal network drives, even a Roku, either way, we can get you hooked up.