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Packaged priced for the home - $799 Installed!
1 - DSC Alarm Panel / 1 - Digital Keypad / 30 Watt Siren
3 - Door Contacts / 1 - Pet Immune Motion Detector
1 - Smoke Detector / Back-up Battery (12-V  4-Amp)
Window Stickers & Yard Sign
Monitoring - $25 a month
(which comes to $300 a year or $150 each 6 months)
This System can be Hardwired or Wireless

We have installed the DSC 1616 alarm panel in well over 400 homes and businesses here in the WV Panhandle. Over the years, these alarm panels have really held up. Trouble free security that will last you for years.


Glass Breaker

The DSC glass breaker sensor works great when you can't use a motion detector. These devices will pick up those high frequencies that glass and prying metal give off.

Over the last few years, DSC has changed the look of their keypads. Even though they look very nice, they are just as easy to use as ever. The keypad is something that is used everyday on the alarm system, all the information you need at your finger tips.



These remote key fobs are really handy. You can arm and disarm your system, without being near your keypad, plus you can use the red button as a panic button or to call if you need medical help. No need to buy another system for medical help.

A security system not only protects your home or business from burglaries, but also from fire. These smoke detectors are not like the ones in your home, that go off every time you burn a pop tart, it takes a good bit more for these to set the alarm off so you don't have false alarms.

Smoke Detectors


These days a lot of people have chose not to have a phone in their homes, but you can still have your system monitored with this cellular unit added to your system.  A connection that's always on for quick response.

Motion detectors play a big part of any security system these days. These "pet immune" motion detectors work great. If you have 1 or 2 pets they can protect the area needed without false alarms. When they are put in the right place, you will have years of trouble free service.

Motion Detector


Nothing better than a nice loud siren to scare the crooks away. This 30 watt warbling tone siren is what you should have when installing an alarm system in your home or business.

Today's New Security Systems

Here is a system that is a lot more than just an alarm system.  It's not something you will just use for your security, but for a lot of things in your home.  Using your phone or tablet you can turn lights on and off, adjust heat and air, unlock your door for your kids and guests, are just a few of the features.  

Motion cameras allow you to see if anything happen when your alarm went off. It also works when someone rings your doorbell, then it can take a picture of who is at the door and sends it to your phone. Then you can unlock the door for your guest or for the plumber to get some work done.

Using your computer, smart phone or tablet, lets you control your system no matter where your are. If you are right next door or across the country.  These control panels have built in Wi-Fi and cellular connections so can always have a way to connect.


See who disarmed your panel, what time they did it, with an alert sent directly to your phone or accessible online.

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Alarm Systems

There are a lot of different brands of alarm systems. Each one does the same thing, sound a siren when someone breaks in, then calls the police. Some look nicer than others, some do more than others, and some are easy, some complicated.  We use DSC alarm panels. After installing them for over 20 years now, I found that customers find them easy to use and understand. To me that is what really counts, because if a customer is afraid to use them, they won't. So let us show you what we have to offer.

Alarm manufactures have made some big changes lately.  Some people just like the old traditional alarm systems, with a nice keypad.  Today, so many people are use to using their phones and tablets for everyday things in life like never before. So, alarm manufactures have made their alarm systems to work right along with it.  Some people hate the change and some love it.  We install both types of alarm systems so that no matter what type of lifestyle you have, your security system will be something that will be easy and comfortable for you to use.

This is the new DSC alarm system that you can control with your smart phone or tablet even when not at home. View cameras as well as being notified of any changes in your security system. Control your alarm, lights & doors. For more information  see below.