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Well, this page might get me in a little trouble, but we have to be honest.  Some people reading this might not like what they read here, but it's the truth and it needs to be said. Personally I'm not one to want to knock another company or to complain about other companies problems, but when they effect "This Company" and our income, well, then I feel people need to know because it effects our bottom line and that effects your cost as well.  

Frontier Communications - For those of us who complained about Verizon, and wished we had another choice, I think we all learned a hard lesson about the old saying "be careful what you wish for" as I'm sure most of us can agree.  Many, many moons ago when I was a kid, my brother and I had 2 oatmeal cans and a string as our first form of communication. Little did I know that Frontier thought that it was such a great communication system, that they stuck with it!

In all fairness there are some good people working at Frontier, the problem is that I can only count them on one hand and that's if I had 3 fingers cut off. I myself have had phone problems, the technicians that came out were awesome! They knew their stuff. But the people in the office, I give them an F for service and effort. I never saw more finger pointing in my life. I'm told someone will come out between 8-5 (really narrows that down!) and then they called me at 4:58 and said they could not make it even though they told me I had to be there to get service. Although the problem was on their side of the line outside the house, the person on the phone didn't know squat!

Some of the new techs when showing up for a service call at one of my customers house who lost their phone service, pulled up, saw the alarm sign and told them it was their alarm that was the problem. He didn't even get out of his truck!! The customer doesn't know, so they call me. I waste my gas and time going to their house only to find out they have no dial tone at all, not even at the box outside coming off their wires!    

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This has got to be, hands down, the worst phone company in the history of the United States of America! I say this because I deal with this company almost on a daily basis, not just using my land line phone, but because most of our alarm systems that are monitored are hooked to the phone line. I have actually had customers lose their phone service from a storm or other problems and not get their phone back on for 2 months!

I’m not one to knock the competition, there’s room for all of us. Each company has something that somebody needs. But there are some companies out their that think every alarm job should be theirs. In the case of this national company, they have tried to cut my throat many times. When we bid on a job, we can’t get them all, and we don’t want them all, but these clowns think they should. A few years ago I was working in a double wide trailer putting in some phone lines. They had an alarm system from these guys. I was totally shocked to see the kind of work they do.  I had to take some pictures!  So remember, you get what you pay for.  Enjoy!

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Panel.jpg Door.jpg Door2.jpg Wire2.jpg Wire1.jpg

The amount of money I spend on gas and on my time going to service calls that have nothing to do with my equipment is unreal. I can't really bill the customer, they don't know what the problem is, and if the phone company points something out as being the problem, they figure that they would know it. I hate to complain about a company so much, but they really don't seem to care about their customers at all. I had their DSL Broadband Internet, it was so slow I called to see if they could fix it. They told me it was the lines on my main street that were bad and they had nothing in their schedule to replace them. I was paying business rate for my Internet and was told it would just be slower. No discount, refund or anything, just, sorry. So now I'm with Comcast, which so far has been great! Although I still keep getting mail from Frontier telling me to "come back" and how fast their Internet is.  

Some of our customers who had no phone for 1 or 2 months would still get a bill when they still didn't have service. If you call the service department, and that ticket has never been taken care of, how can you still bill someone when they know you have no service? They are a communication company and they don't even communicate with each other!!  It use to be if you had a phone line hooked to your alarm system, you had a solid way for your system to call the monitoring company. That was truly the best way to go in the past. Little did we know that Frontier was coming down the pike to flush that theory straight down to the pits of hell.

Until they get their act together, I'm putting all my systems on a cellular connection. No wonder so many people are dropping their land lines these day. Frontier needs to pay for their own mistakes, I'm tired of flipping the bill for them.

The Journal - Our local newspaper, The Journal, is far from being business friendly. Years ago when the Web Directory first came out, they use to charge about $38 a month for your ad to be placed in the Web Directory which did run 7 days a week. The problem was, back then money was worth a little bit more than it is now, and that was the price of a yellow page ad. What I didn't like was the fact that your ad was like an advertisement ad.  

The whole purpose of a Web Directory, I thought, was that my web page was the ad. Just a listing of my web address is all that is needed. A Web Directory in every newspaper I have seen was just a small section in the paper with your category listing and web address. Plus it would and should be a lot cheaper, then more people would put their web site address in there as well, and I would still be putting it in today.   

Then when things started to slow down and not many people put their ad in, they did something that made no sense at all, they raised their rates!!! The last time I was going to put in my ad, they wanted $58 a month! I had a full 2 column across the page ad with the yellow pages for $10 a month less! That's Insane! Over the years I have called and emailed the editor of the Journal and explained that we only need a web address not pay for ad space. I was told they will talk about it at the next meeting. Of course, nothing!

Look at the Web Directory today. Nothing. 2, sometimes, 3 ads. Some don't even have a web address just and email address or neither. How can you put an ad in a Web Directory and have no web address?? This is suppose to be our local newspaper, business is nothing like it use to be for most of us. You would think that the Journal would want more business themselves by offering the local businesses a way to get their name out there at a decent price. Just to list a web address should  be no more than $10 or $20 a month. Look how many people would be willing to pay that, versus almost $60, and do nothing more than direct people to your web page anyway! I'm not the only one complaining, lots of small businesses tell me the same thing. Hard to believe that small business people are so much smarter then newspaper editors. The gurus at the Journal just don't get it!!!