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Here are some prices that you can pretty much go by for average parts and installation. In some rare cases prices can be more or less depending on the job.  As an example, when we install a camera systems, we allow wires to be no more than 100' from the DVR to the camera.  If it's more then that, well, then we have to charge more.  Some installations are very small and quick, so we lower the price, but at least here is something for you to go by for an average price.

Alarm Systems - $799.00  A good basic alarm system which includes a DSC 1616 alarm panel, keypad, 3 door contacts, 1 motion detector, 1 smoke detector, back-up battery, 30 watt siren, stickers & yard sign, installed with a 3 year warranty. System is hard wired (in most cases).  * 3 year warranty on all parts and labor.  (except from lightning and power surges)

Camera Systems - $1,100.00 to $1,600.00  This is a 4 channel camera system.  1 DVR with a 1 TB hard drive, 4 day/night cameras, 23" inches LED monitor, power supply, all cable and connectors. Hard wire installed and programmed to work on your smart phone.  1 year on all equipment, 3 years warranty on wiring and labor.

Driveway Alarms - $350.00 Main unit comes with alarm probe attached to 100' of direct burial wire, control box, transformer, and indoor chime unit. Labor depends on where everything is going to be located. We do not burry the wiring. Trench only has to be a couple of inches deep.  Sometime I find a kid that wants to make $50 and he will dig the ditch and cover it up.  (Getting harder to find anyone who wants to use a shovel these days!!)   

Alarm Monitoring - $25 a month (which is $300 a year) connected to your land line phone line. Cellular phone connection can be hooked up as well. Unit is $125 (then you own it) and $10 a month for the cellular fees.

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