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Camera Pictures

Here are some pictures that use the different lens that come with most camera systems these days.

The first picture is a 3.6mm lens, that is usually the standard type of lens that comes with almost every camera systems.

The next one is a 6mm lens.  A little closer, not that much better when using it on the outside in open areas, a lens like this is better used for inside where you just need a little bit closer view.

Next is an 8mm lens.  We use this a lot when someone in their house wants a view of their shed and this keeps from running a wire all the way over to it.  A good close up lens.

3.6 mm lens

6 mm lens

8 mm lens

I will be having more pictures in about a week.  The weather has been so cloudy lately and I want a sunny day to take some outside pictures as well as night IR too. So please check back soon!