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DVR  (Digital Video Recorder) Information

Probably the most important part of your camera system is the DVR.  It's what recorders everything that the camera looks at.  Most DVR's have a lot of different setting to fit just about every need. Compared to the old VCR recorders, these work just like a computer does, so you can easily skip through video and not have to look at a tape for 6 hours straight.  

Most DVR's are set to only record when something on the screen moves. That way you are not recording the same thing for hours at a time. It just records when the action happens.  In the days of the VCR, the tape recorded whatever the camera looked at over and over.  With hard drives doing the recording, you don't have to do that with everything being digital these day.

If you have cameras around your house, and lets say you have a big bush near your front door and every time there is a breeze that bush would move, then the DVR would recorder it.  So to take care of that problem, there is a grid in the setup menu and you can "block off" that bush, so it won't be recording every time the wind blows.  That keeps it from wasting your hard drive space.

Most DVR's today have a 1 TB hard drive in them, which means you can record for a couple of months or more with no problem depending on what your cameras are looking at.

We have some DVR's that have been running for 10 years straight.  The nice thing about today's DVR's is that if anything were to go wrong with the unit, in most cases it's just the hard drive that would be the problem, so you just run to the office supply store, get another one, pop it in, and your up and running in just minutes.   

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