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Driveway Alarms

Having a driveway alarm at the end of your driveway is a great way to know if someone is coming to your house. If UPS is delivering a package and you are in the basement, you won't miss that delivery. If your house is a good way off the street, and someone drives up your driveway in the middle of the night, they will never know that you were informed. The driveway alarms come with 100' of wire, but are custom made if you need a longer length.

There are wireless driveway alarms. We have used them, but they are not as good as the wired ones. Most of them go off every time the wind blows real hard, and when animals walk by. We have some wired driveway probes that are almost 1,700 feet from the house and we have never had a problem with these units.

Once you have a driveway alarm, like caller ID, it's hard to live with out it.  Check out the Prices page to see how much yours will cost.

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Here is a hard wired driveway alarm probe. You need a trench from your house to the end of the driveway to bury the wire. Just bury the probe a couple inches deep at the side of the driveway. Or just place it in, or behind a bush.

It takes something metal going next to it before it will set off the chime in your house. A car, 4 wheeler, bicycle, something metal. It won't be set off by a deer, other animals, or people.

Here is a picture of the chime units. They have adjustable volume control and you can add as many as you need in your home. Upstairs, middle floor and basement are some examples.