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Do It Yourself

There are times when buying a camera system is way to expensive for the application you need.  For example, lets say someone is messing with your car at night, stealing your gas or trying to damage it in some way.  (I get these calls a lot) Since you don't have this trouble all the time, just maybe because it's an ex, or the crack head across the street, having to pay for a system that you only need for a few days or weeks is more than you need.

Most of the time in these cases you can do it yourself with some cheap parts from ebay, Big Lots, Ollies, even Walmart. Since it's only a temporary set up, you don't need a professional installation, just a quick way to protect your stuff for a short amount of time.  

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This is an example of the back of a camera.  Some cameras have the wire leads attached and some you get like this where you plug them into the camera.  The picture below is some prefab camera cable you can get through Amazon pretty cheap. Usually 50 or 100 feet will work great.  

The last picture is a single power supply, which is 12 volts as most cameras are. Just hook it up and run the cable where you want, plug in the camera and set it to what you want to watch.  

The other end of the cable, has two connectors as well.  One goes to the power supply the other goes to your TV.  Find the connector that you can hook it to and you are set to watch the action.

In this case you have to keep watching the TV to see what happens. If you have an old VCR laying around, you can hook it to it, and record while you are asleep or away. Either way, it's cheap, and will get the job done.